Peria Chronicles teases G-Star 2016, new screenshot in ages

Only six days to go! Nexon is clearly excited about the reveal of the revamped Peria Chronicles at G-Star 2016 in Busan, South Korea, and thousands, maybe millions of players are eagerly waiting to see this game in action for the first time in ages. Better yet, Peria Chronicles will even have a playable demo at this event!

Too keep the excitement alive, Thingsoft has revealed a new Peria Chronicles screenshot showing the quite frankly mesmerizing leading girl in her blue and white dress. It looks like this is the in-game character and the ground beneath her is also made from in-game assets, while the view is just some sort of wallpaper. Nonetheless, it's the closest we've been to a proper screenshot in a year or two.

Are you excited for Peria Chronicles? We can't wait to see how this anime sandbox game is shaping up, especially after all the obstacles that the studio had to face.


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  • LoafHero

    The vibrant color palette was always a big draw for me about this game.

    I guess the frequent use of the blond girl suggests that she’s the main heroine of the story and will do most of the talking while the player character is silent.

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    • Snowdemon12

      Or she is simply the games idol, like, dragonborn, they used a basic model for skyrim to use in trailers,teasers, and screenshots. while everyones dragonborn is different, I think you have to see her like that

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