Peria Chronicles will be skipping 2017, who would have thought?

peria chronicles

There's no way we're getting our grubby hands on Peria Chronicles during 2017. We already had that idea, but Nexon's Q2 financial results have confirmed it. The South Korean publisher is promoting some PC games for Q3 2017 and onwards, including Titanfall Online, Need For Speed Edge, Moonlight Blade, MapleStory 2 and the recently released LawBreakers.

Among these, Moonlight Blade and MapleStory 2 should be coming to North America and Europe, although we didn't get an official announcement yet. Of course, there are several mobile games in the works, including adaptations of Tree of Savior, Final Fantasy XI and Dungeon Fighter.

While a Peria Chronicles release – or beta, for that matter – is highly unlikely, we're hoping to see more about the game development during G-Star 2017.

Peria Chronicles 2017

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