Permadeath Rogue-Like Retro MMORPG Survived By is shutting down

Survived By is shutting down

Digital Extremes is having a really hard time with its sophomore free-to-play release. After the cancelation of the first-person shooter The Amazing Eternals because of the crowded hero shooter panorama (and the looming shadow of Blizzard's Overwatch, probably), now it's the retro bullet-hell MMORPG Survived By that is about to be canceled.

Survived By was developed by Human Head Studios and was built around a curious concept of permadeath and descendant characters. However, according to the development team, they failed to reach the original vision for the game and it is shutting down on April 19, 2019.

Truth be told, Survived By had the potential to become a good game in the vein of Realm of the Mad God, but despite becoming freely available in December 2018, the player base never amounted to much and surely weighed in on this difficult decision.


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