Petroglyph goes for Victory in new free-to-play RTS

Petroglyph, a studio specialized in RTS games and comprised of members that worked in the Command & Conquer series is working on a new free-to-play RTS called Victory Command. This is in fact a reworking of the Victory game that was pitched in Kickstarter but ultimately failed to reach its ambitious goal of $700,000. The studio didn't give up and is now developing the game in partnership with Neoact, a South Korean developer responsible for the MOBA Chaos Online.

In Victory Command, players will enter battles in 5v5 arenas and control over 30 unit types, from infantry to jeeps or tanks, among others. The official website is live and accepting beta sign ups.

While Petroglyph certainly doesn't keep great memories from the troubled End of Nations development, which was put on hold by Trion Worlds, Victory Command is looking very interesting and with the absence of a certain Command & Conquer, we're still looking for good F2P RTS games. Maybe this could be the one, what do you think?


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