Phantasy Star Online 2 closed beta date reveal coming soon

Phantasy Star Online 2 closed beta date

If you're impatiently waiting for the Phantasy Star Online 2 closed beta date reveal, you have to hold on a while longer. Sega has confirmed that the eternally delayed MMORPG will release in Spring 2020 for Xbox One, while PC players have to wait until late 2020 to get their hands in this game. The PC version is a Windows 10 exclusive, so if you're still rocking an older OS, this may be the time to change.

Recently, Sega took to Twitter to tell players that there will be more information to share “when everything is 100%”. The tweet, which you can read below, ends with the “Soon” hashtag. That's not very encouraging, for a game that has been coming to North America for the last six years or so.

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“Greetings Arks, we know you are excited to find out more about the Closed Beta Test. We are working hard to ensure you have a great experience and we will have more information to share with you when everything is 100% ready (to do otherwise wouldn't be fair to you!) #Soon”

So, you can expect the Phantasy Star Online 2 closed beta date reveal to happen soon. However, there's no way of knowing if this “soon” translates into a week, a month, or more than that.

Phantasy Star Online 2 will feature crossplay between Xbox One and PC, but since the first closed beta is going to be exclusive to the Microsoft console, you can forget about playing cross-platform with your friends for now. Besides, this beta will be available for US and Canada players only, with European fans staring from the sidelines, as they wait for a future beta to join in.

Head over to the official website if you want to register for the Phantasy Star Online 2 closed beta.


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