Phantasy Star Online 2 English voices available in Xbox One beta

Phantasy Star Online 2 English voices

Sega has just cleared a few doubts for the upcoming Phantasy Star Online 2 Xbox One closed beta test. One of the main concerns was if the voice acting was only available in Japanese, or if there were other options. Well, you may rejoice, because Phantasy Star Online 2 English voices are available for those who prefer it.

Sega has clarified on Twitter that you can play with English or Japanese voice acting. You can switch between these languages at any given time during the closed beta and in the final release. Apparently, the many years that it took for Sega to bring the game to North America were at least used to work on localization.

But wait, there's more besides the Phantasy Star Online 2 English voices for potential PSO2 closed beta players. One of the most pressing questions always is if you get to keep your progress at the end of the beta test – usually, closed betas come with a wipe. Thankfully, this isn't the case, as your progress is going to be saved for open beta and release.

These are definitely a couple of great announcements for PSO2 Xbox One players, but we still can't get to grips with one thing – the delay of the PSO2 PC launch for late 2020. While Xbox One gets the game during spring 2020, PC players have to wait a few more months to get hold of this anime MMORPG. If we have waited so many years, perhaps a few more months won't hurt…

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