When pigs fly? They do now in TERA

Pigs flying? We have officially seen it all. But it's TERA, so we shouldn't truly be surprised.

En Masse has announced that flying pig mounts are now on sale in the TERA store, so if you're tired of the majestic Lion/Eagle mix, you can always purchase one of these. There are four pigs for you to choose from and each one actually has a name, so don't you go just treating them like a piece of bacon that flies: Airy Porker, Airboss, Amelia, or Orville.

But if you want a flying pig mount that restores your MP and HP while you ride, you have to buy a High on the Hog loot box, guaranteed to contain a semi-enigmatic scroll, and a better than normal chance to receive either Flitch, Cloudswallow, Spamtasia, or Major Swine.

pig mount

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