Grab acclaimed pinball game Kabounce for free on Steam only today

pinball game Kabounce for free on Steam

We have just discovered one more free game for you. This time it's the futuristic pinball game Kabounce, an acclaimed experience that feels like the bastard son of Tron and Rocket League.

Kabounce isn't your average pinball simulation; this is a third-person team-based multiplayer game where you have control of the ball. The objective is to score points for your team, but these points can be stolen by other players unless you bank points at the goal.

Besides online multiplayer for up to eight players, there is a four-player offline split-screen mode, perfect for those days when you have a few friends at home. One final mention goes to the customization, with “millions of possible combinations” that you can unlock through gameplay progress – there are no microtransactions in sight.

You can get Kabounce for free from Steam until tomorrow, June 24, 2019 (13:00 ET / 18:00 BST).​


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