Pirates: Allods Online is a new aerial combat spin-off

There's something brewing at Allods Team, and it's not just the online shooter F.R.A.G.. The makers of Allods Online and Skyforge are working on a new aerial combat game that we would say fits in the same genre as Fractured Space or Dreadnought. Titled Pirates: Allods Online, this is a standalone game inspired by the popular MMORPG, will be published by Mail.ru and enters Russian closed beta on July 27, 2016. Just as with F.R.A.G., there is no word on an English release.

There are two factions in Pirates: Allods Online, one supporting technology and the other one preferring magic – the battleships and weaponry reflect this choice, although the whole game seems to go for a cartoonish/fantasy style with hints of steampunk thrown in for good measure. Obviously, you'll get to pick between different types of ships and upgrade them with new parts.

The official Pirates: Allods Online site is here and you can watch a gameplay trailer below.

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