PlanetSide 3 revealed to be in development by Daybreak

PlanetSide 3

With PlanetSide Arena in Early Access and off to a shaky start, there is some uncertainty about the future of the franchise. This is further emphasized by Daybreak's latest round of layoffs earlier this month, another sign that the owner of the EverQuest IP really needs to score a hit to keep afloat. Perhaps PlanetSide 3 will be that game.

PlanetSide 2¬† is celebrating its 7th anniversary in early 2020, and the 17th anniversary for the franchise overall. This is the pretext for Andy Sites, executive producer on PlanetSide¬†2 and PlanetSide Arena to talk about the next chapter in the series. The latter is said to “be the stepping stone to PlanetSide 3,” with the team planning on taking the battle from Auraxis and into a “full-fledged galactic war,” with exploring, colonizing, and conquering a huge galaxy.

Sites says that they aren't doing this in PlanetSide 2 because they would tinker with an experience that the community enjoys, and it would be disruptive in “potentially catastrophic” ways.

Sounds like there is some colossal ambition brewing, but let's hope Daybreak proceeds with caution. After all, the sad memories of Landmark and EverQuest Next are still freshly engraved in our minds, with promises of a sandbox world in permanent change and with amazing reactive AI.

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