Classic platformer Limbo is the new free game on the Epic Games Store

platformer Limbo free game

If you haven't played Limbo yet, you are missing on one of the greatest side-scrolling platformers ever made. Playdead's genius first game is a somber and deep trip into Limbo, as a boy goes looking for his missing sister. Limbo is now available for free on the Epic Games Store until July 25.

Limbo is known for its brooding atmosphere and clever puzzles. But it is also known for other thing – the many ways in that the leading boy dies. Impaled by a giant spider is a fan favorite, but being electrified or crushed by rocks or huge concrete blocks are also noteworthy outcomes.

The unmistakable art style and smooth controls stand out, as well as the minimalist approach to storytelling. Less is more in this case, since this is a game that won't spoon-feed you all the details.

After playing Limbo, I utterly recommend you to buy Playdead's second game, Inside. It's a spiritual sequel that takes everything that is special about Limbo and improves it tenfold. The ending on this one will leave you speechless and saying weird things about how gaming truly is art and all that nonsense that we like to say.

The next free game on the Epic Games Store is… not one game. It's two games, in fact – Moonlighter and This War of Mine. The former is a rogue-lite action RPG, while the latter is a fantastic survival game that deserves everyone's attention.


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