Play Fornite and earn real money in the Support-A-Creator event

Play Fornite and earn real money

Are you one of the millions enjoying Epic Games' awesome Fortnite Battle Royale? What about if I told you that you can in fact play Fornite and earn real money while you're at it? That's right, you can do it during the Support-A-Creator event.

The Support-A-Creator event started on October 8 and ends on December 31, 2018, so you should get going as soon as you can. As Epic Games says in the FAQ, you won't get rich with this (“expect modest results”), but you can win a few dollars if you have a decent group of in-game supporters.

To be eligible you need to have regularly created Fortnite content over the last 30 days and have over 1,000 followers on at least one major social platform. Then, if you get enough supporters via the “Support a Creator” button found in the Item Shop in Battle Royale, or the Loot tab in Save the World, you will earn $5 USD for every 10,000 V-Bucks spent by your supporters.

Obviously, this is a clever little marketing strategy by Epic Games to reach more players. Because Fortnite Battle Royale needs more players so that everyone on Earth has played the game at some point in their lives. I've seen stranger things happen.

Play Fornite and earn real money

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