You can now play Guild Wars 2 while officially dressed in leggings

Guild Wars 2 clothing

Do you remember that first time when your jaw-dropped, as you realized that you could order a pizza while playing Everquest II? We live in remarkable and lazy times, don't we? Guild Wars 2 is another game that made a partnership involving real-life stuff – a Guild Wars 2 clothing line created by Wild Bangarang.

This is a partnership with ArenaNet to produce and distribute licensed Guild Wars 2 clothes in North America, Europe and Australia.

This clothing line begins with leggings and dresses inspired by iconic Guild Wars 2 designs. You should be able to identify some of the different races, armor and art. These pieces will be available to order starting July 26 via, with prices beginning at £35 / €38.90.

Wild Bangarang has clothing partnerships with other games such as World of Warcraft and Overwatch, so this is a logical step for Guild Wars 2. However, the lack of male clothing can be a bit worrisome – I don't think those leggings are a great fit for me.

“Wild Bangarang has formed partnerships with some of the biggest entertainment entities on the planet, so we’re really excited to be working with them on new Guild Wars 2 products,” explained Katy Radelich, head of events & partnerships at ArenaNet.

“Guild Wars is a franchise that we’ve long respected thanks to its hand-crafted art style, endearing storylines and entertaining gameplay. We can’t wait to add such a cherished fantasy property to our licensed clothing line-up,” said Adam Jay, CEO & founder of Wild Bangarang.

Guild Wars 2 clothing Guild Wars 2 clothing Guild Wars 2 clothing Guild Wars 2 clothing


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