Pokémon Go’s tracker removal causes a massive player outrage

If you've been playing Pokémon Go you're certainly aware of the recent update that is making players go absolutely crazy and even requesting refunds for the items purchased. What happened is that developer Niantic decided remove the tracking system, the system that indicated the proximity of a Pokémon. Instead of, you know, fixing the three step bug, which always shows Pokémon as being three steps away. So, coupling this with the fact that Niantic and Nintendo have shut down several third-party Pokemon Go tracking sites, players are left wandering aimlessly around their cities, without knowing where to go.

This has affected the in-game shop, eventually making some items useless, and forcing players to buy Lure Modules if they really want to catch Pokémon. Evidently, this is a really weird move from the developer and if they're reworking the tracking system or something like that, a bit of communication with the players would have prevented this outrage. Who knows, maybe even avoid the 1.5 out of 5 stars rating that Pokémon Go currently has in the Japanese App Store.

So, what began as a nice way of getting players out of their houses, doing exercise and getting social has now turned into a broken, money-grabbing app. For how long, we ask?

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