Pokémon Revolution Online is a wonderful fan-made MMO

There's a new Pokémon MMO project in the works and once again it's fan-made. Pokémon Revolution Online is the name of the game that a few Pokémon fans (over 15 members by November 2014) are working on and it is going to be free-to-play, running on a custom-engine.

The goal is to strike a balance between what we know and love from the main Pokémon games while adding some familiar mechanics of an MMO environment. The first public version was made available in January 2015 and currently it is in beta (eventually called a full release), still receiving updates, with Kanto, Sevii Islands, Johto and dozen of custom areas in game as well as Hoenn and Orange Islands in the works. Pokémon Revolution Online is planned to be an ever-evolving game, frequently updated like the most successful MMOs are.

Pokémon Revolution Online looks lovely, with the charming kind of retro graphics that Pokémon players are used to, and it seems already feature-rich. Our main concern is the usual with this kind of fan-projects – will Nintendo actually let it live or will the Japanese studio go all cease and desist on this game? Let's hope Pokémon Revolution Online has a chance of fulfilling its potential and the fans' desire for a true Pokémon MMO – this could be the closest there ever was.


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