PolyStrike is a F2P top-down recreation of Counter-Strike using Source 2

PolyStrike CSGO custom mode

It looks like Auto Chess isn't going to be the only success story stemming from Dota 2. Mark Mocherad is developing PolyStrike, a recreation of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive using the Source 2 engine. This is a custom game mode running on the Dota 2 client.

If you have ever dreamed of playing Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a top-down shooter, that time is coming. PolyStrike is terrorists versus counter-terrorists all over again, albeit in a slightly more arcade-y and old-fashioned way. If you like the genre, another top-down shooter that you could play is the upcoming Veterans Online. If you manage to find your way into a match, that is – it's not so obvious considering the lack of players at the current testing stage.

But back to PolyStrike, the shooter that is currently in alpha and set to release later this year. The game will be free-to-play and you can join the alpha if you purchase the beta tester's box from Mocherad's Patreon. Priced at $3 per month and with limited spots, it's not likely to break your piggy bank.

Polystrike redesigns the CS:GO weapons and maps for a top-down perspective, including the classic Dust 2 map that you can see below. The original's game economy is also part of this custom game mode, as well as customisable weapons and character skins.

I would say that Mocherad is on to something with Polystrike. The redesigned graphics are really good and the clever use of line of sight makes sure that the gameplay offers enough depth and tactical options.

I can't tell if Polystrike will follow the trail of Auto Chess, which now has a standalone game and birthed several imitators, including Valve's own Dota Underlords. If development progresses smoothly and Polystrike finds a healthy player base to keep going, it could turn out to be the next Dota 2 success story.


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