Portal Knights Online gameplay trailer reveals the MMO features

Portal Knights Online gameplay

We just managed to spot the first Portal Knights Online gameplay trailer, showcasing the MMORPG that was announced in August. Developer Duoyi Network remains faithful to the original and successful game released in 2017 by Keen Games, but adds the usual wealth of MMO features to the game.

The trailer illustrates some of the features that you can expect from Portal Knights Online, and most MMOs for that matter. You'll explore new environments, fight imposing bosses such as a disgusting maggot and a scorching dragon, among other creatures.

Portal Knights is renowned for its customization options, and the Portal Knights MMO should build on its foundations. You can create your own dungeon and place different kinds of enemies wherever you wish, and you can venture with a group of friends in other dungeons to claim the rewards. Feel free to join a guild while you're at it, and enter the guild battlegrounds if you want to prove your worth.

Perhaps the most compelling feature is the sandbox nature of Portal Knights Online. A robust construction system seems to be in place, giving you the tools and the freedom to create pretty much what you can come up with.

Watch the Portal Knights Online gameplay trailer below, and let's hope that 505 Games releases additional info on it soon.


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