Project DH is Nexon’s upcoming Monster Hunter on mounts PC MMO

Project DH monster hunter PC MMO

Nexon is working on a new PC MMO that was first announced late 2016, but not much else was heard until now. Codenamed Project DH, this PC MMO is in development at the DevCat studios, known for Mabinogi and Vindictus.

Besides the cinematic teaser that we had in 2016 (and that you can watch below, it's the second video), we now have a very short teaser showing some of the progress in the combat aspect (thanks MMOCulture). This gives us a general idea on the look and feel of Project DH – it looks like it's set on a Steampunk world (judging by the playable characters) where you control these hunters going after incredible beasts. Monster Hunter on mounts probably wouldn't miss the point entirely, but the question is: can we get off the mount or is the combat always like that?

This seems to be the focus of the game, with interesting character rotations as he/she aims at the huge creatures. Hopefully it will have some extra depth to its combat.

There is no release date yet, but Nexon will probably talk more about this game during the upcoming Nexon Developers Conference.

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