Project Knock is Dungeon Fighter sequel for PC, developed by Thingsoft

Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the most profitable online games ever and Nexon is finally working on a sequel codenamed Project Knock for PC. Instead of going for the same 2D side-scrolling mechanic, Project Knock is going 3D and runs on the Unreal Engine, probably the latest version (4).

One of the most surprising things of this reveal is that the developer behind Dungeon Fighter 2 (not the official name, just what we'll be calling it for now) is Thingsoft, the studio responsible for the highly anticipated anime MMORPG Peria Chronicles. Story is apparently going to be one of the focus of the game, as well as a sophisticated battle system. By the looks of it, could the gameplay be similar to Vindictus or Kritika Online?

There's not much additional info right now, but we'll keep following this matter.


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