Project NEO and Project M are two upcoming waifu collectors from JoyCity

Project NEO Project M

South Korean publisher and developer JoyCity is very active nowadays, and is working on several new games. Project NEO and Project M are the two names that we'll be focusing on, but the three other games are the following: TERA: Endless War (a strategy game based on the popular MMORPG), CrossFire: Warzone (another strategy game, also known by the famous SLG acronym, this time inspired by Smilegate's successful first-person shooter), and The King of Fighters: Street War (oddly enough, an SLG based on The King of Fighters franchise, taking a more colorful and cheerful approach than what we usually get with war simulations.

But let's return to the games that spiked our curiosity. Project NEO and Project M are both developed by Mojito Games, makers of Hero Ball Z and Game of Dice. Both games are hero collectors, or waifu collectors, so to speak, and aimed at Android and iOS devices. Project NEO mixes strategy elements as well, while Project M is a straight-up hero collector RPG, as you can see by the official gameplay video below.

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

Project NEO

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In Project NEO, you must befriend and collect beautiful female characters. The details are scarce, but it seems that you're in the middle of a strategic conflict and these girls will help you. The art style is bold and should please fans of attractive aesthetics, which reminded us of Destiny Child and Exos Heroes.

As for Project M, this is a sci-fi game set in a dystopian world. You must recruit young soldiers, apparently from an all-female cast. It is undoubtedly a hero collector game, with 3D character models that look like they are crossed between Honkai Impact 3rd and SoulWorker.

JoyCity seems to be aiming for a global launch for most of the titles above, but Korea is likely going to receive them first. Some of them should be out by late 2020, and the rest will go live during the first half of 2021. We'll keep an eye out for these games, especially Project NEO and Project M, and update you on the progress and the official names as soon as they become available.


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