Punishing: Gray Raven global gameplay trailers show Liv, Lucia, and Lee

Punishing: Gray Raven global gameplay

The Punishing: Gray Raven global release date is set for this summer, and sign-ups for the closed beta should begin really soon. Developer Kuro Game has decided to introduce us to three of the cyborgs that we get to control: Lucia, Liv, and Lee. These super-soldiers are known as Constructs, rebuilt to enter the battle against the Corrupted. We get to know more about the playable characters and their motivations in the trailer at the bottom of this post.

Here is a short description for each one:


Captain of the Gray Raven squad. A young and driven swordmistress, capable of tearing through the Corrupted with a mixture of powerful, rapid single-target attacks, sweeping area-effect slashes and vertical launchers that set enemies up for brutal aerial combos.


Don’t let Liv’s designation as a support unit fool you – she’s nothing less than a steel-sundering force of nature. While physically weak (her systems are devoted to repairing damaged squadmates) her floating levi-guns can rain down untold damage upon her foes.


Eldest and most pragmatic of the initial Gray Raven squad. Lee fights with a pair of rapid-firing energy pistols and an assortment of powerful grenades. Outside of combat, he is a one-man engineering crew, maintaining the squad’s weapons and mechanical bodies alike.

Punishing: Gray Raven is an acclaimed action RPG for Android and iOS. The fast-paced gameplay and dark sci-fi theme will make fans of Honkai Impact 3rd rejoice, as the trailer below clearly shows.

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