Punishing Gray Raven global release officially confirmed

Punishing Gray Raven global release

One of the best action games on mobile is finally seeing a much anticipated global release. Developer Kuro Game is taking their game worldwide, after a very successful release in China. Touted as a great action RPG in the style of Honkai Impact 3rd, the Punishing Gray Raven global release date is yet to be confirmed, but there's no question that it is officially going to happen.

Why? Because the studio has opened the game's global social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The hype surrounding this global launch is real, judging to the followers and comments amassed in just a few hours.

Punishing Gray Raven global release

When is the Punishing Gray Raven global release happening? It is yet to be confirmed, but we're hoping that we get to play the game before the end of 2021. You can watch the first English trailer below, right after the official description from the Taiwan version.

“Human's exploration of science touched the taboo field, and the “punishing” suddenly came. The fragile human body is rapidly destroyed, while the Corrupter is manipulated and turned into violent killing machine.

The once highly prosperous human civilization has almost lost its trace on the earth. The survivors were forced to flee their homes and exile in deep space. You will take on the role as a “Savior” and lead the final hope “Reconstructed Soldier” of human civilization on the journey back to earth.

◆ Game Features

In terms of art, we used some quieter colors, hand-drawn game art, gorgeous special effects, trying to restore the end of the science fiction world in our mind.

In terms of combat, on the basis of sticking to the essence of action games, we designed combat skills to release through free elimination of signal balls, and also gave them different skill effects under “supercomputing space”. That makes the output of general attack and skills more strategic, and delivers intense and exciting combat gameplay.

Of course, you can go to the warm base after the battle, and enjoy a moment of relaxation with cute roles.

May peace be with every son of humanity who returns to earth.”

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