Quake Champions private test server adds Wolfenstein’s B.J. Blazkowicz

Quake Champions Blazkowicz Wolfenstein

Being a hero and saving humanity several times doesn't mean that you can't be a chill guy and enjoy the summertime. Or at least take the sunny weather everywhere you go in your flowery t-shirt and shorts.

Oh, and a bad-ass shotgun, don't forget that! Wolfenstein's star B.J. Blazkowicz is making an appearance in Quake Champions, starting by the Public Test Server. He is now live today but he isn't the only thing coming soon to this shooter, as B.J. is only a small part of the Battle Pass – Season 3.

A new game mode called Duel is coming, being a “roundless time limit-based duel mode.” You can also expect several quality of life fixes and new features.


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