Quake Champions is adding bots, ramps up the gore

Quake Champions bots gore

We haven't talked about Quake Champions for quite some time, but that is also due to the long iteration period that games such as these usually take. Unreal Tournament is other similar case. But we now know that id Software is about to get some bots into Quake Champions to make it easier for players to find a match.

AI bots won't be only used to fill the empty spots in the arena, they can also serve for players to train their abilities. These, bots, which will be released at an as of yet undisclosed date, won't be able to use Champion abilities at launch, but otherwise they can do pretty much everything that a human player in Quake Champions is capable of. You can also select the bot difficulty level.

Gore in Quake Champions is also going through the roof, as the new mechanics show an impressive number of body parts that will explode in your face depending on the weapon, position and distance of the hit. Pretty gory, don't you think?

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