Quake Champions Duel game mode tests your skills to the max

Quake Champions free steam download

If you're more of a solo guy and not exactly a fan of teamwork, then you should know that id Software thought of you! The Quake Champions Duel game mode is the place for you to go to test your skills without the “interference” of other players. In this 1v1 game mode, you will be able to prove your worth against a single adversary, in a somewhat similar way to what some fighting games do with their tag team modes – you pick three champions according to your playstyle and to counter your rival's choices.

Duel is played as a best-of-three match, with three total rounds. When one of your champions is fragged, you respawn with the next one until one player loses all of their champions.

Quake Champions is currently in its Large Scale Test Tech until May 21, which is pretty much a nice open beta that everyone is able to join for free just by signing up. The Duel and Sacrifice (team-based) game modes are included.


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