Quake Champions introduces lizard champion Sorlag

Bethesda has detailed one more champion from the upcoming FPS Quake Champions, the return of the remarkable shooter series. This time it's Sorlag, a lizard-like creature that is on a mission to end a mysterious ritual and her actions eventually led her into the arena, the “Other Place”. Yes, Sorlag is a she, in case you were assuming it was a male, but is in fact a huntress.

Her active ability is Acid Spit, which pretty much speaks for itself. She spits blobs of acid that burn her enemies' flesh and poisons them, causing damage over time. This acid even sticks to surfaces, hurting anyone who touches it, and works wonders as a trap. The passive abilities are Bunny Hop and Acid Fiend. The former is self-explanatory, granting her some extra speed and maneuverability while jumping in one direction, while the latter gives her immunity to acid damage, meaning she can run through her own acid spit without suffering any damage.

Quake Champions ended its first closed beta on May 21 and now we're sitting and waiting for another round. If you didn't get to play this shooter you should learn about our experience in our Quake Champions first look gameplay video.


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