Quake Champions update adds Athena and new game mode Slipgate

Quake Champions update adds Athena

A new update was deployed today for Quake Champions, id Software's latest chapter in the classic arena shooter series. Today's Quake Champions update adds Athena, the new champion, as well as a new game mode called Slipgate, among other things.

Slipgate is described as an attack-and-defend mode where two teams are fighting over the Slipgate portal. This huge wormhole is capable of summoning this horrid tentacled creature and the attacking team has to prevent it from opening, while the defending team will do its best to release the creature. To celebrate the new game mode, an event is running from October 11 through October 31, with several prizes including the Elder Guardian Tentacle Weapon Shaders for all starting weapons. You can read more about the Slipgate Festival event to learn about further rewards.

And now for the new champion, Athena, who comes with her favorite gadget, the grappling hook. She uses it to pull herself to a target location, and is also able to swing while in flight. She is definitely a resourceful champion.

This hefty Quake Champions update adds a lot of other things, including new Arcade modes, a new weapon skin (Annihilator), and comes with plenty of champion and weapon balance changes. Read everything about it in the patch notes.

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