Quake Champions welcomes an old friend to the arena

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

Old pal Visor is making a big comeback in Quake Champions. This ruthless and apparently feelings deprived killer just wants to fight, and it makes sense since he is more machine than man and devised precisely for that. The Champion Visor was first introduced to Quake players in Quake 3 Arena in 1999, which makes his absence even more significant. And boy, we are getting old.

Visor's active ability is Piercing Sight, which is pretty much like one of the hacks that many FPS players just love to use – don't do it, kids! Visor can see through matter (walls, rocks…) and just frag you senseless when you least expect it. As for his passive ability, Visor can continually gain speed when strafe-jumping, which means that he will be one enemy to really get on your nerves.

Quake Champions promises to bring back the thrill and adrenaline of old-school shooters where the dizzying speed requires absolute concentration and skill to master the game. A large-scale tech test is planned for May 12 – May 21 and everyone is invited – just head over to the official website to sign up and get a key immedialtely.

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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