Meet Rachel – Dark and sexy strategy RPG First Summoner is live

sexy strategy RPG First Summoner

Meet Rachel, the Dark Arrow. She is the star of First Summoner, the latest game from Line Games, publisher of Destiny Child. Now available for Android and iOS in 142 countries, First Summoner is a dark real-time strategy RPG.

Rachel made a pact with the devil and is now able to summon beasts and defeat several kinds of horrible opponents. Players are encouraged to use full manual control over Rachel – not in the way that you're thinking – and her deck of six cards. You can win the battles by building, strengthening and experimenting with each deck, learning the weaknesses of your enemies in the battlefield.

There are various game modes to try your strategies on: World Map is the story-based campaign, the PvP arena Snake's Battlefield is where you test your wits against other players, and you also have the roguelike dungeon Infinite Chaos with many treasures waiting for you.

You can check Rachel's pact with the devil below, as well as some First Summoner gameplay.

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