RAM Pressure talks improvements and postpones Early Access to Q2 2019

RAM Pressure Early Access Q2 2019

As the fan of X-Com that I am, RAM Pressure is a game that I have been following since it was announced in September 2018. It looks like a tactical player's dream, with some great looking maps and a sci-fi touch to round things up nicely.

RAM Pressure is a free-to-play game but only at launch – before that you are treated to the usual selection of Founder's Packs and paid Early Access. While it was planned for Q1 2019, developer GDT has updated players on the state of the game before the next wave of private tests starts.

The operatives in the game will now have faces and hairstyles (previously they were covered by masks, helmets and so on. There are plenty of visual and AI improvements as well.

The story campaign now dispenses with the PvP missions. The official release will feature a significantly increased number of story missions, with the PvP and side quests only working to provide additional experience points and speed up the accumulation of data intel to unlock key story missions.

The developers acknowledge that the beginning of PvP combat was boring for players waiting for the opponent's move before detecting the enemy units. Thus, these initial steps will now be played asynchronously, with the waiting for the move accompanied by monitoring the movement of the enemy fighters discovered.

Finally, PvP missions featured AI-controlled enemies who would make the mission more difficult (aliens, robots, mercenaries of other human factions, etc.). I'm assuming that these hindrances were removed from the PvP.

Players who purchased the Early Access packs before the end of Q1 are invited to participate in a small private beta test taking place shortly before the start of Early Access.


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