RAM Pressure is a promising free tactical game inspired by X-COM

RAM Pressure free tactical game X-Com

Out of nowhere arrives RAM Pressure, a new and exciting game from Russian studios GDT and QuadCom. Taking inspiration from one of the biggest – if not the biggest – reference in turn-based games, X-COM, RAM Pressure puts you in the battlefield in Q1 2019, when the game arrives on Steam.

RAM Pressure is played from a familiar top-down isometric perspective, but seems to be extremely versatile with its camera angles. In combat situations, for example, it looks like nothing stops you from going over the shoulder to get a better view of your shot. But there is a lot more going for RAM Pressure, including destructible buildings and environments, procedurally-generated maps, and you can even expect day and night missions as well as changing weather conditions.

You can choose your characters from 12 classes and 160 skills, upgrading your weapons and armor from a selection of 100 guns and 10 weapon classes – alien weapons and high-tech weaponry included. Your squad will battle around the globe, with the sci-fi plot featuring both single-player and multiplayer missions. A clan system is part of the game as well.

As for the story, it is set in the near future, when Earth was hit by a meteorite swarm comprised of remains of alien fleets decimated by a galactic war. Governments try to hide the truth by sending elite mercenaries to the crash sites, trying to gain access to alien technology before anyone else. The player will be a part of these elite squads, fighting hostile units and attempting to establish contact with the surviving aliens. Who knows what kind of secrets these beings are holding.

The RAM Pressure Steam page is live, as well as the official website, where you can sign up for Early Access or pre-order an Early Adopter's pack. The trailer below includes some cinematics as well as gameplay footage close to the end.

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