RAM Pressure devs discuss state of the game, Early Access date

RAM Pressure game

RAM Pressure developers GDT have summed up the state of the game when 2018 is coming to a close.

First, the great news: RAM Pressure's development is finished, with all the functionalities, core mechanics and lobby interface ready. Now it's a matter of adding content to the world, putting animations and voice acting, as well as testing the functionalities and game design.

Along the way, there were some changes to game design as new ideas were tested. The team is finally “almost” satisfied with the gameplay. There is still a lot of work and polishing to do before inviting the first players to try RAM Pressure, but the plan still is to start the Early Access in Q1 2019.

RAM Pressure is a story-driven tactical game with turn-based combat inspired by X-Com, as well as destructible environments and online multiplayer. It will be free-to-play but you can jump in two months before everyone else if you purchase an Early Adopter's Pack or an Early Adapter's Boost.


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