RAM Pressure Private Beta codes are going out

RAM Pressure Private Beta

The codes for the second wave of the RAM Pressure Private Beta went out a few hours ago. If you signed up for the beta, you should check your email because you may have been invited.

The devs wanted everyone to know that this isn't Early Access; that phase will be coming a few weeks down the road. Don't get too attached to your characters and progress, because a wipe is planned before Early Access starts. This private beta will contain some defects and bugs, and content such as missions, some of the classes, and weapons will be locked.

The RAM Pressure Private Beta invite comes with a second key that will grant you 25,000 units of game currency. You can go wild with this because it is for testing purposes only, as the wipe will take it all away.

If you have a key, you can download the beta client from the official website  and check the system requirements while you're at it.

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