Ramsgiving is coming to Dauntless with a free event and reward

Dauntless Ramsgiving

Ramsgiving is the time for giving, and rams, it seems. This event is live in Dauntless starting today, November 26, and running until December 3.

These celebrations start with a Ramsgiving Event Ticket that you must pick from the Dauntless store. This ticket is absolutely free, don't worry. With the ticket in your pocket, you'll head over to weaponsmith Wils, who will hand over the quest to you.

The next step is collecting 800 Moonstones, after which you'll return to Wils to get your reward: a Ramsgiving hammer skin called Benson’s Basher. The Ramsguard Armour is now back in the Dauntless shop, alongside new hand-stitched items, including a themed Lantern and Mask.

Check the official page for more details on this event.


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