Ranger class deals death from afar in a new Bless Unleashed video

Ranger class Bless Unleashed

While its older cousin Bless Online turned out to be a trainwreck of significant proportions, Neowiz is having another shot at this IP in the hopes of finally delivering a valuable MMORPG. With the precious support from Bandai Namco, Bless Unleashed is an Xbox One exclusive, although I don't doubt that it could come to PC as well if it turns out to be a success.

Bless Unleashed is free-to-play and today Bandai Namco released a new class trailer highlighting the abilities of the Ranger. Prepare yourselves for a healthy dose of bow-and-arrow action and style in the video below.

While Bless Unleashed is developed using Unreal Engine 4 (unlike its Unreal Engine 3 predecessor), I have to say that it doesn't look… stunning. I would say that it is leagues behind of Black Desert Online, but let's wait for the final release to make a proper judgment. Be careful with the hype, right?


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