After Rayman, Shovel Knight is also coming to Brawlhalla

Shovel Knight fighter Brawlhalla

Slowly but surely, free-to-play platform fighter Brawlhalla seems to be veering toward a Super Smash Bros. kind of path. With Ubisoft's Rayman coming to the game on November 6, now we get another surprise announcement: Shovel Knight is also joining the roster of this brawler.

What's more surprising is that while Rayman is owned by Ubisoft, Shovel Knight isn't, which means that the French studio seems to be actively looking for popular video game icons to star in Brawlhalla. Sounds like a clever move to us, as long as everything is perfectly balanced. Let us remind you that Ubisoft acquired Brawlhalla's developer Blue Mammoth Games earlier this year.

But there is more! It's not just Shovel Knight that is coming to Brawlhalla. His buddies King Knight, Dark Knight, Plague Knight and Specter Knight are also joining him in what is described as a first: these skins come with unique animations and signature effects.

There is no release date for the Shovel Knight fighter yet, but our guess is that it will come a couple of months after Rayman.

Shovel Knight fighter Brawlhalla

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