Relic Hunters Legend full party update brings new character Raff

Relic Hunters Legend full party update Raff

A wild Raff has appeared. The new Relic Hunters Legend full party update brings the blue-haired support character Raff to the co-op looter/shooter. The sassy party engineer is able to help her teammates with some rocking tunes played using her keytar.

Raff's introduction video showcases her skills and her role as a support character. One of Raff's abilities is the Keytar Blast, in which she heals her teammates while blasting the enemies at the same time.

This update is the first time that Relic Hunters Legend is playable using a full 4-player party. If you purchased a Founder's Pack, were one of the game's Kickstarters, or managed to grab a key by any means possible, you should be able to play the alpha.

Check Raff's announcement video below. The Relic Hunters Legend beta is planned for late 2019 or early 2020, with the full free-to-play release scheduled for late 2020. You can watch our Relic Hunters Legend alpha footage below as well.


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