Relic Hunters Zero: Remix is coming to Switch, PC version also updated

Relic Hunters Zero: Remix

The cool pixel art shooter from Brazilian studio Rogue Snail is coming to Nintendo Switch. The revamped game is going to be called Relic Hunters Zero: Remix and the new content is also being released on the PC original as an update.

Akupara Games is the publisher of the Switch release, which is going to bring a host of new content. You can expect to find new weapons, new art, new music, and quite a few bugs were squished.

In general, you can expect for Relic Hunters Zero: Remix to bring seven playable characters, various game modes, couch co-op support, Joy Con and Pro Controller support for Switch, a chiptune soundtrack that can be joyful or grating (depending on your taste), in-game achievements, and more.

This game isn't to be confused with the upcoming follow-up, the less pixely and more cartoony Relic Hunters Legends. We have tried this fun dual-stick shooter a while back during the alpha and found it enjoyable, and are looking forward to more of it.


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