Revelation details the Tower of Pain instance

Revelation Online is coming to Steam

If you're willing to venture into an instance called Tower of Pain, you're certainly aware of what kind of things will be awaiting for you. Pain, for those of you who aren't following. The latest Revelation Online blog goes into detail of the Tower of Pain instance, a 5-man dungeon with eight floors that opens its doors every 1,000 years and is home to some truly terrifying keepers such as the ones that you can see below.

Fail at this challenge and you have to prove yourself worthy of another attempt: “Those who fail will be cast down into to a flaming pit, where beasts and monsters lay in wait for fresh meat to carve. Those who wish to re-climb the tower must survive this death-trap to prove themselves worthy of another attempt.”

Flaming pit, eh? Was never a fan of those. You can read more about the Tower of Pain on the official website.







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