Revelation Online: beta begins late October, meet the Falmari race

Revelation Online Windswept Gauntlet

The Revelation Online North American and European closed beta begins late October and has just revealed some details on the Falmari race. These creatures are the offspring of the sea god and are both human and amphibious, choosing to live on the coast, half of their time in the water.

The Falmari are music and art lovers and the inhabitants of Sulan like to visit them to see the girls of this sea race dance, and hear them sing or play wondrous musical instruments. They're not as frail as they may look, they are in fact brave warriors due to their centuries-old feud with the Darkscales. If you manage to earn the respect of the Falmari, you'll possibly get some traditional Falmari accessories to wear.

Take a look at the Falmari race in the screens below. We'll have a Revelation giveaway really soon, so if you want to get a closed beta key, we advise you to follow FreeMMOStation on Facebook and YouTube if you don't already.


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