Revelation Online CBT3 brings talismans and badges

The third Revelation Online closed beta begins tomorrow, January 19 and this time you'll be able to earn talismans and badges when you fight in PvP or PvE. Talismans are used to improve your character and a new dedicated equipment slot is reserved for players who reach level 60 and complete the Tower of Pain hard mode, thus earning the first talisman, Dolor Leaf. Talismans can be improved in four manners: Shaping, Imbuing, Transmuting and Augmentation.

As for the badge system, it's used to increase your five basic stats: Intellect, Spirit, Dexterity, Physique and Strength. The badges can be obtained through PvP and PvE dungeons. Badges can be salvaged into fragments and later crafted into badges with the help of the NPC Jela Jora. Runes can be attached into badges to upgrade them.

Read more about talismans and badges here and get ready for the start of the CBT3, which ends on February 2.


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