Revelation Online closed beta 3 is live

The third Revelation Online closed beta test – the last one before open beta? – has just started today and players will be able to play up to level 69. It will all be over on February 2, when the devs will get all your feedback and fix another lot of issues. There's no wipe, so if you've played in the previous beta, just keep going.

Here's what's new with PvE:

– 3 new dungeons: Grand Bulwark, Machinarium, and Tower of Pain
– Additions to the existing scour dungeons
– 3 new missions: Adventurer's Guild, Faction Bulletin Requests and Reason's Grief
– 2 new events: Trivia God and Ninefold Assault
– Talismans and Badges

And the new PvP stuff:

– Pirate Treasure: Death Island
– 3v3 Ranked Arena
– Death Match
– Faction War
– Territory War
– Merchant System

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