Revelation Online closed beta delayed, but you can pre-download now

Revelation Online challenge

Did you take a few days off to play the Revelation Online closed beta? Gee, how should we say this to you… has just announced that the first closed beta was delayed and is now set to begin on November 3, 2016. Apparently, the QA team discovered some client stability issues in certain situations that would be detrimental to the test. The studio did say that there will be some sort of compensation for this “misfortune”, but until then we can only guess what this will be.

There are some good news, however – you can already pre-download the game's textures, which make up for the largest chunk of the client. So, if your internet connection… how shall we say this… well, sucks, then this is great for you. Get ready for the Revelation Online beta by downloading most of the data right now.

If you don't have a Revelation Online key and desperately want in, you can buy a Revelation Online Founder’s Pack for instant access.


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