Revelation Online now has a Colosseum for your sparring pleasure

Revelation Online Colosseum

Tired of gloating about your fighting skills in Revelation Online but no one is paying attention? Well, then you should head straight to the new Colosseum, where you can show the ones who mock you all your fire inside.

This new feature in Revelation Online is a no-rules event with great rewards where points will determine the winners. The more you win, the most prizes you get. There is a leaderboard set in place for the rankings, where you can unlock rewards and see them delivered to contestants a week after the event is up.

The Colosseum battles are team-based and all victories will earn points to your total score. You can fight in 10 vs 10 (Darkwood Vale), 20 vs 20 (Iron Precipice Blitz), and 30 vs 30 (Machinist's Gauntlet). Enlisting will get you a Merit Plate II, while ranking in the Top 100 will get you a Dream Dust Radiance. If you can make it to Top 10, you also earn a Spring Love Letter Mount.

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