Revelation Online details exploration quests and its rewards

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It's not just fun and games in Revelation Online – you have to work your butt off if you want to earn some cool rewards. The latest official blog post details the exploration quests and what they are.

Essentially these are subset of weekly quests tasking you with finding NPCs in different regions of Nuanor. Each quest consists of 25 small quests and will reward players with huge amounts of experience points, Imperial Notes, faction favors, and more. It is recommended to go with some guild mates or even total strangers. Currently there are three Exploration Quests available, with the first one unlocked at level 20 and the others available at level 30 and level 50 in Common Livelihoods.

And now for the most interesting part: the rewards. You can get huge amounts of experience points, Imperial Notes, faction favours for the areas you have travelled through, Peculiar Tickets, and a Journey Gift Pack from the region. These Journey Gift Packs contain some really useful items such as Egret Feathers, Travel Scrolls, Phlogistons, Scrolls of Banishment, and Gold Bars.

revelation exploration quests


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