Revelation Online details new PvE content for third closed beta

Yesterday we learned that Revelation Online was returning for a third – and possibly final – closed beta test, and now we know a lot more about what kind of content to expect from this new beta. A new and fairly big blog post details what kind of PvE content players will be able to experience, including some of the new quests and events.

Concerning new dungeons, you can expect Grand Bulwark, Mech Citadel / Machinarium and Tower of Pain, all of them with different difficulty options. There are a few additions to dungeons Misty Hollow, Trial of Four Kings and Scour Dungeon – Oneiric Trials, as well as new quests and new events. The new map Fairie Funland will also be available, with “crazy daily mini-games” and “insane rewards” in a definitely colorful and kid-like vibe that will take you off all the fighting and questing around.

Revelation Online's third western beta begins on January 19 and ends February 2. If it follows the same roadmap as the Russian version, the open beta should begin a few weeks later.


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