Revelation Online details the PvP modes in Nuanor

Revelation Online Windswept Gauntlet

With the end of the second Revelation Online closed beta and the promise of a next phase sooner rather than later, has just released the first of two blog posts talking about PvP.

In Revelation Online you'll have open world battles, but the youngest heroes are invulnerable to this. Only when you reach level 40 you'll get to explore the world of PvP battles, when everybody may attack and be attacked by others. There's a system where some players are marked as “killers”, when they kill another character that didn't fight back, and if you happen to die later on with this mark, you may lose some of your equipment.

Arenas and battlegrounds are places where level 40+ characters may fight, with arenas offering a 3v3 mode and battlefields having 10v10, 20v20 and 30v30 modes, with the game matching you and your enemies in a 10 level range – for example, characters of level 40-49 will be grouped together, and level 50-59, and so on. One of the intricacies of the PvP mode is that 10v10 battles will actually take place in a separate PvPvE zone, lasting for 30 minutes or until a team earns 100 points.

You can read more about the Revelation Online PvP here, and part 2 shouldn't take long to be posted.

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