Revelation Online details the story behind the Grand Bulwark dungeon

Revelation Online anniversary

If you've already been to the Grand Bulwark in Revelation Online, you probably know that this is not a friendly place and you, only you, will be able to restore order and “put this endless cycle of death to an end by any means necessary.” Clearly not a nice place to live, but it's a 5-Man Dungeon mode, 5-Man Slaughter mode and includes an Expert Mode (10-Man raid).

The Grand Bulwark was born from a bloody warfare between two bitter rival factions: the Northern Wolves Tribe and the human capital of Nuanor. While there have been a few glimpses of peace now and then, some prefer to favor the old ways and take the conflict with Nuanor to the very end. This rogue Wolves group intend to attack Nuanor from behind and to break peace for good. Only unbiased heroes like you (and probably a few of your guildmates) will be able to right this by entering the Grand Bulwark and doing whatever is necessary, i.e. killing your enemies.

You can read the full lore for the Grand Bulwark here.



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