Revelation Online details Territory Wars PvP mode

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Territory Wars is a large-scale PvP mode for Revelation Online and the topic of a new post on the official site, detailing its intricacies. To begin with, you should know that you can pick the battlefields from the Nuanor map, with three regions available (Eastbreden, Midbreden and Westland) and each one holding three territories. And there's a battle going on.

Learning about the terrain is key for players to organize their offense or defense – some territories are suited for frontal attacks, while others require a flanking approach. Ambushes should also be an option for a defending guild. Weaker guilds can form alliances to take on stronger opponents.

Attribute bonuses, turrets, battle chariots, respawn portals and more are all valid for Territory Wars, so you should learn how to use these properly. The Valor Mark becomes a key item on the battlefield. After a guild takes a bastion, they must protect the Valor Mark until the Territory Wars has ended in order to be victorious.

Revelation Online is currently nearing the end of its third closed beta, so  purchasing a Founder’s Pack is the only way to jump in right now.



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