Revelation Online releases Eternal Chasm update with nine new bosses

Revelation Online Eternal Chasm update

The Eternal Chasm update for Revelation Online is now live and brings even bigger challenges. This expansion comes with three new high level modes and nine new bosses. The modes are a 5-man Level 79 version, a 10-man level 79 version and a 10-man level 79 legendary mode.

The bigger the challenge, the better the rewards. You can earn gear sets and a very rare fire-dinosaur mount called the Flameborn Tyrant. But before that, you have to face all these bosses. Apart from the ice queen, they're all ugly as heck – in a the-more-horrible-the-better kind of way, of course. I guess it comes with the job description. Oh, and the ice queen isn't exactly Elsa from Frozen, really.

Here are seven of the bosses, with the last two remaining a secret that only the best players will unveil:

• Stygian Siren: Haunting a long-forgotten ghost ship, the Stygian Siren is longing to seduce everyone who dares to go aboard.
• Lightning Kirin: This magic dragon uses lightning powers to electrocute its enemies within seconds.
• The Three Gatekeepers: If you want to descend deeper into the chasm, you have to put an end to these towering elementals that are forged of Steel, Fire, and Earth!
• Flameborn Tyrant: Are you ready to taste some flames? This fiery beast won't go down easily. But once it does, it may serve you as a loyal mount.
• Ravenous Wretch: This poisonous giant resides in the swamps of the Eternal Chasm and is swift to anger. Beware of nature's wrath and be sure to bring a proper antidote!
• Devouring Dragon: Watch your step – this creature does exactly as its name suggests: it swallows you up.
• Ice Queen: Frozen Onslaught, Ice Shrapnel, and Sword of Ice are just some of her abilities. If you don't want to end up as a frozen statue, you better end her reign!

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